Monday, March 25, 2013

We're back.

Back from Congo.

It's hard to put into words our gratitude for all the Lord did  in such a short period of time.

Congo is a backward country.


Full of corruption.

Cursed because of its continued involvement in demonism and witchcraft, murder, and compromise.


This results in things taking much longer to get done.


Rise of the prince of the power of the air.



This is a way of life in the land.  It's a land of setbacks.

But God always wins.

In spite of the delays, primitive conditions, corruption, tribalism,  roadblocks. the rise of the prince of

the power of the air, and barriers.

These obstacles are nothing to Him.

We stand amazed because:

The team from America who came to repair Radio Glory couldn't have been better..

The repaired transmitter was installed only a day after Alan arrived.  Listeners were thrtilled.

The 300' tower was completely painted in just 4 days without incident or accident.

They were all easy to please and cook for, spiritual men who love God.

They worked long and hard hours going way above and beyond their duty.

Two weeks of service from all of them, who only asked that their expenses be paid and food and

accommodations be provided.    No charge for labor.  Godsends.

Wonderful blessings.

The Lord brought another missionary friend, Dan, from Kinshasa, who worked on our Wood-Mizer

Sawmill, vehicles, and other projects.  Another wonderful blessing.

We laughed at Congo's way of life for a time.

Radio Glory's mission was accomplished in record time.

Now, there were obstacles, delays, broken down trucks, a village that told us to get out when we went

there for evangelism, problems with two staff people, and other problems.

But our hearts are full of praise and gratitude at what did get done.

Hearts are still very hungry in Congo.

We have invitation after invitation from villages asking that our team come and preach.

When things are accomplished, everyone quickly recognizes that the power is not of us but of God.

Life for the most part is very basic.

The level of gratitude is much higher than here.

One's life can count for much because the needs are so great, and there are so many open doors.

That's where we are called, so it doesn't get any better.

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