Wednesday, November 25, 2009

What I'm Thankful For - this did not get posted in time

Two days before Thanksgiving. My head is still reeling from events and life as it took place in Congo this past September and October. The word disparity comes to mind. How so? There is an incredible gap between the way we live life in the States, and how life is lived out in Congo. How is it that men and women who actually live by prayer with no medical help within a 2 1/2 day walk, who make an average of $110 a year, who lose their children to a disease called malaria that could perhaps be cleared up by DDT treatments as it was how many years ago in this country?, who probably will never own a bicycle let alone a car, who beg us to stay longer and come frequently to teach them the Word of God, who have a grasp on what it is to pray and to pray fervently--not just give God a wish list, treating Him like a genie who is supposed to fill all their desires, who deal with death and unmet expectations everyday of their lives, who openly praise God quickly without being solicited to praise Him, why is there such a gap between their high level of thanksgiving and ours?

I don't know all the answers. But I do know that wealth does not necessarily result in an increased level of wonder and awe for the Hand who gave it.

That life does not consist in the abundance of things we possess.

That an abundance of things does not necessarily result in an attitude of thanksgiving.

That life is not viewed by God at all as we view it.

That the Lord maintains their lot in their lack just as He maintains my lot in our abundance.

That I am able to lavish myself on His grace and mercy. I do not want His justice when it comes to my sins, but His mercy, and His mercies are new every single morning!

That I must remind myself we are only a little while on earth. We are eternal, all of us and will either live out eternity in hell or in heaven. Either way, our lives will never end. This reality propels us to be ever fervent in getting the Gospel out so that we can literally snatch them from the burning embers of hell.

That the truth of the matter is there is so much more unseen than seen. Someday we will behold and understand the hidden because the unseen will be unveiled. Till then we continue to trust God for all the unknowns.

Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Upcoming Benefit for Laban Ministries

We ask your prayers for a benefit concert to be held this Thursday, November 5, at 7 p.m.

Jack Smith, our youngest son, will be the featured artist. His wife, Molly, will also join him on a number or two.

The concert is free. The public is invited. Bring your friends.

The 300 foot tower in the heart of Africa broadcasts 7 days a week the great news of the Gospel of Jesus Christ. The radio studio is powered by an 18,000 watt diesel generator. Diesel fuel is purchased 60 miles from the mission campus.

Radio Glory is manned by a national staff of 8 men and women, all graduates of Laban Bible Institute. One amazing phenomenon is that the tower and studio are located in the bush of Africa, 450 miles due east of the country's capital city, Kinshasa. Only the Lord knows how many thousands of souls have been saved through the ministry of Radio Glory or Radio Nkembo as it is known in Congo.

A love offering will be taken to help maintain Laban Ministries and this evangelistic arm of the work there. Come and be a part of this outreach.