Wednesday, October 15, 2008

October 23rd Anniversary Benefit

Sunday night was a wonderful outreach for Laban Ministries. Thank you to all who prayed for that night. We are so grateful for your input.

On Thursday, October 23, at 7 p.m. The First Church of the Nazarene is hosting an anniversary celebration for Laban. Our oldest daughter, Shawn Lantz, author of Congo Vignettes, will be sharing and selling her signed books. Jack and Molly, our youngest son and daughter-in-law and Mariah Humphries will be opening for Selah. Selah will perform a benefit concert for Laban, Greg and Nicol Sponberg, our son-in-law and daughter, will be there--Greg to share from his heart, and Nicol to sing, plus Angie, Todd's wife and blogger of Bring the Rain, and all of our grandchildren!

So, may we ask you once again to bathe the 23rd in prayer? Oh, that the evening would be filled with praises to the spotless Lamb of God slain from before the foundation of the world! He has redeemed us by his blood of great price poured out willingly for you and me to save our souls and free us from life's prisons and entanglements! To give us joy unspeakable and communion uncomparible. He delights in us, walks with us, makes our lives count, and enables us to dream big for the Kingdom of God. He is the lifter up of our head, the accountant of our hair volume, our lawyer, our paraclete, our Rock, Defender, Hiding Place, Hope, Confidant, Intercessor, Comforter, Daddy, mother hen, Strong Tower, Great Lover of our souls, Rock, Redeemer, Keeper of our tears, Way Maker, and, and, and . . . Have you blood-bought believers stopped to think today that you are on your way to Heaven? No condemnation awaits you. No fear of Hell can capture you. No one or no anything can separate you from His love or pluck you out of his Hand. We are engraved on His Hands and written in His Heart. Oh Jesus! that we like David would allow praise to come tumbling from our lips 7 times a day!

We want to do our part to make Jesus famous on the 23rd. We want to lift our voices in adoration and gratitude. We want to thank you for your involvement in our lives, especially your prayers and caring hearts since the deaths of Audrey and Luke. We want to give back to you. We want to fellowship with you. We want to show you just a tad of what the Lord is doing in Congo. We want our people in Congo to be taken care of financially.

Please, please pray with us as you read this blog. We are so encouraged by the response to prayer for last Sunday night, Oct 12. If you prefer, email us at to let us know you are praying. Visit our website to get details of the event.
God bless you as you partner with us to reach souls for Jesus Christ in Congo.

Friday, October 10, 2008

Create Hope for the Congo

This weekend could be a milestone for Laban Ministries. Todd Smith, my son,--the one who got sooo much camera coverage at the debate at Belmont this week--along with Allan Hall and Amy Perry of Selah are putting on a benefit concert for our ministry Sunday night, October 12, at 6 p.m. in Zeeland Michigan, at the Community Reformed Church, 10376 Felch St., 616 772 4907. We are very excited thinking about all the hope that could be created for the Congo through this evening of lifting our hearts to the Lord in praise through song, spoken word, and worship.

For the past 30 years, we have seen God supply unbelievable needs in Africa for dedicated pastors, 3 Bible institutes, nurses, dispensary, cooks who labor over hot fires to provide 3 meals a day for our students, radio ministry, evangelism, professors, building supplies, transportation, vehicles, fuel, medicines, ourselves, and myriads of other areas. We stand amazed and grateful that we are still in existence. In fact, the ministry is exploding with the growth of over 500 pastors establishing and ministering each weekend in over 300 churches we know of; there are more, we just can't get to them because they are so remote. So much yet to do. . . a hospital, wells for clean water, and a Bible in every hut in the Bandundu Province of Congo, which is the size of the state of Michigan. On any given Sunday 57,000 people gather to worship the King of Kings at these 300 churches alone. GOD IS MOVING IN CONGO.

This weekend, our National Director, Pastor Gary Kapinga will hold all night prayer meetings starting tonight for this benefit concert. Because our Congolese staff of 130 know the power, benefit, blessing, and outcome of fervent prayer, they will dive into interceding for Selah, for the audience, for hearts to respond when the offering is taken, and for the Lord Jesus Christ to be lifted high. They will ask Him to come sit with us, to walk before us, to hover over us, and to pour out His richest blessing on us all. Prayer for them is as natural as breathing. Prayer sustains them. Often times, it is their meat and drink, literally, because they may only be able to have one meal that day or days, depending how funding goes here.

Jim and I are pumped about Sunday. In addition to being with Selah, we can't wait to see our grand babies, Ellie, Abby, and Sarah Kate and kiss their sweet faces. We get to hug our Todd and Angie and live life with them, though it will be a packed evening. Still. . . just being with them will be awesome. We so want to meet some of the people who have prayed fervently for our family. We feel those prayers. They have and continue to sustain us. There are those of you who have humbly asked God to allow you to bear some of the burdens of losing two babies seven weeks apart. And you know what?. . . you have lifted the load. We can sense the days heaven's gates are being stormed by your prayers. Thank you so much for sharing the load, crying the tears, feeling our limp, as Greg calls it, and bending your knees to the God of refuge and hope. We say along with David, we will praise the Lord 7 times a day and continue to hope in God no matter what. Your prayers have given courage, peace, and joy. Thank you for your unselfish desire to "kabisa bampasi na beto," or divide up our sorrows among yourselves.

Will you come to our rescue again by joining our Congolese brothers and sisters in prayer for Sunday night? During the hours of 6 to 8 p.m., let's all storm the gates again as one mighty army, asking God to fill the place with His Shekinah glory! The Lord inhabits the prayers of His people. Souls are waiting to be saved in Congo. Help us create hope for the Congo by placing this evening in His Hands. Then it will be safe. It won't be ours. It will be His. Glory!

P. S. Will you let us know that you either are praying or have prayed between 6 to 8 p.m. Sunday night by making a comment on this blog either before or after Oct 12? Blessings. Nancy