Wednesday, July 8, 2009

He just needed to hear our voice. . .

We just received a call from Congo. Pastor Gary Kapinga, National Director, dear friend, brother, counsellor, daily cross bearer, coworker, downright beloved by us, called us on his cell phone minutes ago.

That just cracks me up. Years ago, a cell phone call would never have happened. It's a strange wonder these days.

He called to tell us everything is okay in Congo.

He wants to know when we are coming back. . . we promised August, thinking it would be good to get back then. . .

Thinking the Lord would want us to return sooner than later. . .

Hoping that despite the sluggish (understatement) economy would not prevent us from returning because concerned individuals who love Laban might be in a position to help us out as they have in the past. . .

Thinking of how much healthier it is to return again after 4 months than to wait a whole year or a good portion of the year. . .

That still may happen. We have lived by the undergirding miracles of the Holy One through 40 years of ministry. We believe God's arm is not shortened that He cannot save and that His ears are not deafened to dullness that He cannot hear. . .

In the meantime: we wait--expectantly, anticipatingly, hopefully, and sometimes joyfully.

So to Gary's question and comments: "Are you coming in August? Everything is okay here. Is everything okay there?"--we heard the underlying need for the call. He just needed to hear our voice.

It moves me to think our voice is that important--soothing, comforting, reassuring, vital to his welfare.

And it makes me cry out, Lord, we are so in need of hearing your voice.

Come, visit us.

Speak to us.

Make yourself known to us.

Reassure us.

We can't do this thing called life without you; we can't go to Congo without you; we can't take a breath without your permission.

You say in Zephaniah 3;17 that you are in the midst of us. That in and of itself is absolutely amazing. You are mighty to save. You take great delight in us. You cover us with your love. You rejoice over us with singing.

And though we know this verse to be true experientially in days gone by, the fact of the matter is, today is a new day.

We don't want a day to go by without it. . .

In fact, we don't want much time at all to go by without hearing the comfort of your voice.

Go before us Ancient of Days. You've promised that you will. Go alongside us, Father. Be our rear guard.

Please, Daddy, we just need to hear Your voice.