Tuesday, July 24, 2012

A testimony from Kinkufi, a former student at the Women's Lit Center My life is very different now. I used to be very angry. If someone came to me before I started this school, even if it was regarding a small problem to present to me, I would become very upset. I used to belong to a group of women who delighted in bragging about themselves, lying, and especially gossiping about someone who was not in their presence. But today I refuse to belong to that group. I found Christ here at the Women's Lit Center. I live near Mama Marie Aza, the directress of the school. She noticed how chaotic my life had become and said to me, "You need to learn the Word of God and get it inside of you. You will notice that changes will taker place. The way you are living now is not helping you. So I entered ecole des femmes or the school for women. I learned beautiful things. I was aught the Word of God and also learned how to share Scripture in a group of ladies. I am giving God glory because of the peace and joy I now have in my heart. I learned so much in the ladies' school. I did know how to read before I began school here and am more educated than most. My house fell to the ground after my husband died because there was no one to take care of it. So now I am in the process of building another one. The manioc I grew I will sell, and little by little I will get my house done. I myself get the grass for the roof from the forest, and I pay for the sticks. A young man is covering the sticks with mud. The villagers laughed at me when I started attending school. Whether I have a lot of problems or have a good day, today I am a happy woman.